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Welcome to Kissed Off Publications, home of great independent authors, well-produced eBooks and unique printed indie books.

Our sales portal - "Discover KOP Books" - This is where we sell all of our authors' books via Clickbank. Every book on this site and has been designed and published by us, but we also have books for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Clickbank, iBooks and Blurb.

Get Published - "Make, Promote and Sell" - Everybody has a great book in them - let us help you to release your inner author. We offer great publishing packages starting from £200, which will take you from initial concept through to publication and beyond. Our packages are ideal for first time authors.

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We have launched our new online bookstore selling our best books, brochures and interactive titles.
We not only offer great books, eBooks and publishing packages, but we have now expanded our offering for our authors. These products are optional extras, or may be bought as a package in their own right.


The first product we would like to introduce caused quite a stir at our stand and generated a lot of interest - and we are happy to introduce you to a new way of supplying eBooks, eLearning and digital publications to your clients, customers and trainees.

The TwistKey is a fully customisable USB memory key package. The case is ideal for mailing to clients while protecting the USB stick inside and the size is brilliantly proportioned. The memory stick itself is printable and locks into the packaging, the data is also fully virus checked before being uploaded to each stick.

The package closes to appear like a pocket sized book.

It's a great product for training titles, seminars as well as product brochures and launches.


Our second product is professionally recorded audiobooks. Recorded in high quality MP3 format, our audiobooks are read by a professional actor and can either be distributed through our sales portal or using our new TwistKey product.

Augmented Reality Books

Our newest product to market, Augmented Books enable your book to come to life with pop up video, 3D models and even animation by hovering your smartphone over your book.

We offer More than just Books!


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