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Jasmine has given birth to 5 puppies - see Short Stories for more...

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Welcome from all of us at Puppy Central.

Old George is currently lazing in front of the fire, telling the pups tales of his youth, while the older dogs are snuggled up on the sofa with Grandma Sysum.

May all your dogs be kept snuggly and safe this winter. And please remember, a dog is for life not just for Christmas!

Book Launch: Hello Kitty

Welcome to the third book in our series. We have also launched our first printed books for each of the first three titles with a compendium version coming to iBooks soon.

Jasmine's Big News


Jasmine is such a clever girl

She had five pups last week

It’s fun to watch them slowly grow

And hear their tiny squeak


The hungry puppies feed and feed

Then sleep, then feed some more

Very soon they’ll open up their eyes

To meet the mum that they adore


She cradles them so tenderly

Four pretty girls, one handsome boy

Her big brown eyes look up at us

As she reveals her pride and joy

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